Home Renovation Ideas and Products

Home Renovation Ideas

When you are thinking of renovating your home, certain norms should be followed, things on the pattern of do’s and don’ts. You have to get everything right the first time around because any modification after the project is completed is well nigh impossible.

Fortunately, the don’ts of ideas are just a fraction of the do’s and will be taken up first.

Do not settle on the cheapest quote received from renovators and builders. In all probability, they will be cutting corners on the quality of materials and the fittings and furnishings. It is a one-time investment, and your focus should be on what will add to the kerb value of your property. Next, do not do everything yourself, even though you might be the hardened DIY types. It could create more damage than good. Finally, when it comes to fittings and appliances, costs should not be the deciding factor, quality should.

Now comes the part that you should do to get excellent renovation ideas.

Plan well ahead right down to the last detail on what you want. Hire an architect or an interior designer or both if you are going for a major overhaul externally and internally. Discuss all the products to be installed and materials to be used. Most designers today have software that lets you get a 3D look at what your house will look like post-renovation and after all your ideas have been implemented.

Have a definite theme that will run through the house. You can opt for the classic, old-world look with heavy wood furniture, burnished wood panels and a shiny wood floor. Plush carpets, antiques on side-tables and works of art on the walls will further complement this set-up.

On the other hand, you can choose to have a more modern and sleek appearance. Bright coloured walls add to the cheerfulness of the surroundings. Have plenty of potted plants for that warm “lived-in” look. But what will add to this type of surroundings is furniture and fixtures that are out-of-the-ordinary. Furniture made of recycled wood is unique to look at. It has a chunky look with patches of red and green reminding buyers of the origins of the timber.

Another type that is worth a try is exquisite fittings and furnishings made of cane and rattan. Browse the website of Family Love Tree for furniture, and you will be spoilt for choice. Choose from a wide range of bed-heads, sofas, side and coffee tables, lamp shades and pendants and hanging chairs – all designed to improve the value of your home.

There is never a shortage of ideas and products when you take up home renovation. The key to a successful project is how systematically you go about implementing your plans.

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