Four Common Myths about Log Homes

Log Homes Myths

Modern log home industry dates back to 1970s and there has been a consumer demand that led to rise of this industry in Melbourne. The reason being, log homes offer innumerable benefits over conventional homes such as they are highly sustainable, provide safety during the storm, easy to build and helps you stay warm in winters and cool in summers. Regardless, of so many advantages the log homes offer, plenty of myths have established resulting in widespread concern.

The fact of the matter is that there should be nothing to worry about for anyone planning to build or buy a log home. Here we are debunking 4 common myths associated with log homes.

  1. Building log homes can be expensive

The truth is that when compared to conventional home construction, there is a decline in the cost of building log homes. You may be thinking how as the price for dimensional lumber has doubled due to the rise in manufacturing costs. The logs which are a raw material to build log homes, there has barely been any changes in the price and as compared to the price of 2X4, they cost far more today. Thus, with the price of logs somewhat the same and with smart design, the cost of log home building is the same as the conventional construction.

  1. Log home maintenance requires a lot of time

Much like any other property, log homes do require periodic maintenance, but it doesn’t require a lot of time. You need to plan ahead and design your home properly to save yourself a lot of work. Large overhangs, porches, proper landscaping and tall foundations will prevent maintenance nightmares. A clear UV coat should be applied every 5 to 10 years to protect the logs from the environmental elements. However, if this seems too time-consuming, you can hire a service that manages the maintenance of your log home.

  1. Log homes have mould problems

All the surfaces can have mould problems, which is due to moisture. The more the moisture, the more mould will grow. Shady trees, drippy rooflines and backsplash all contribute. Mainly the north side walls have mould problem as it receives the least amount of sunlight and remains damp long after the rainfall. If you want to keep the mould off then the logs need to be kept dry and off the ground. If you are someone looking to buy a log home or any home in Victoria, then a pre-purchase house inspection of Melbourne homes is an important prerequisite.

  1. Log homes have insect problems

The log home building industry has come a long way and there is no termite or wood boring insect problem. All thanks to the use of borate, a natural mineral that keeps termites off the wood. On the other hand, wood boring insects are not attracted to large quantities of wood. However, if logs are made out of green, unseasoned wood with the bark still on, then some wood boring insects can attack it.

The above-mentioned are few myths built around the log homes that are not true. If you are looking to buy log homes then do not dither by these myths and contact professionals to inspect the property so that no costly issues arise later.

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