Building Bathrooms in Log Homes

Log Home Bathrooms

Building log homes is a very popular investment today. More and more people are opting for log homes, not merely as a vacation getaway only but also as a primary home. Decorating a log home will surely test your creativity to the limit. It should be in tune with the rustic look of the log home while being in sync with the great outdoors where it is located. Most importantly, the interiors should match your lifestyle and provide the same level of comfort and convenience that you are used to.

Here, the focus will be on tips to create and design a bathroom that will not take away anything from the theme of your log home.

The Theme of the bathroom

You can choose to have a bathroom that has a theme that is different from the rest of the home or one that is in sync with it. You can only go about collecting fixtures and fittings after you have decided on the theme of the bathroom. Here are a few ideas that might interest you.

  • Beach theme – Your log home can be in the middle of a forest and far away from the beach but you can still implement your love for the aquatic in bathroom design ideas. Have blue walls and colourful towels that will remind you of the waves.
  • Minimalistic rustic theme – You can preserve the theme of the log home by having a minimalistic look in your bathroom. Paint the walls in white and accentuate the colour with shiny fittings.

The right wood tones

The primary structure of log homes is natural wood and the bathroom should also reflect this dimension. The main concern of using natural wood in the bathroom is that it absorbs moisture. To circumvent this issue, you can have tiled walls, floors and dry walls that accentuate the look of natural wood. Have plenty of wood fittings like vanities, moisture sealed wood floors and even wood wall panelling. Even if you choose to do up the floor with tiles, extend the wood flooring from other areas of the house such as the living room right to the bathroom door for coherence.

However, to save the trouble of looking for your bathroom fittings, tiles and wood panelling yourself, contact reputed bathroom suppliers like Middletons Builders Warehouse who is one of the leaders in this field. Apart from the accessories, you will also get input on design ideas for the bathroom of your log home in Australia.

Experiment with colours

Play with colours and have a dream bathroom in your log home. Always opt for soft colours and natural tones to create the illusion of an ample space. Match it with the colours that you see when you step outside your home. If it is in a wooded area, try the golden shade that resembles natural greens. Or you can have colours that replicate the sky, the lakes or the fields and pastures in the vicinity.

These are some of the ideas that you can implement while building a bathroom for your log home.

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