About Us

There is a certain mystery surrounding log homes. Not only because they are unconventional structures, but also because there is a certain stereotype of closeness and warmth associated with this type of living. Traditionally, the picture of a log home conjures up thoughts of a cabin far up in the mountains away from civilisation or in a remote location. In today’s world, log homes have transformed from a thing of history, and are as much as a reality in everyday living as the plain conventional houses.

Rustic Sloghomes is a blog site dedicated exclusively to log homes – their history, attendant benefits and how best to build them. In places like Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia log construction was the most popular building technique simply due to the prevalence of the tall, straight coniferous trees in that region. We welcome all types of bloggers, particularly those who can write in on how this style is still a common building practise in parts of the world and how modern construction techniques have revolutionised these buildings.

We also welcome opinion pieces from building experts or those who have simply experienced this housing style before. By collecting a wealth of articles on log houses, we hope to help others interested in having log homes of their own. First hand experiences on staying in log homes, interior decoration or furnishings and any special precautions to be taken for those staying in such homes are all welcomed.

Write to us about becoming a contributor, no news, information or trivia is too insignificant for us.